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This information is provided by JBMD as suggestive and to take into consideration when signing up for the service

BigCommerce is an e-commerce software platform with an easy to use interface. With lots of similar features as competitors, there are positives here. This service is tailored for online services primarily with a large range for small, medium and large companies. They have a 30 day free trial to test it out.

Information Last Updated

Oct. 18, 2021


Large Product Variants

This service allows a lot more variants on products and is great for businesses with large catalogues of items.

Product Reviews

BigCommerce offers internal tools for allowing customer feedback to be given to display positive feedback.


One stop shop for your e-com solutions as well as centralized place for your business updates, reviews and solutions to increase your conversion rates.


Limited Sales Per Plan

There is limit on sales based on the package you are subscribe to. Be aware if your store has a sudden influx of sales, it may cause clients issues when checking out.

Pricy Themes

There is a small collection of themes offered for free for signing up, but custom themes are be quite pricey very quick.

No Shipping Discounts

There is no local rebate offers for shipping like other e-com services have. Be aware you may need to set up accounts direct with shipping providers to get discounts.

Things To Be Aware Of

Large Gateway

It uses Paypal standard payment, alternatively you can choose from a massive list of other payment gateways. **Payment fees on gateways are handed by the third party directly not through your BigCommerce account.

Multiple Currencies

Currency is usually dependant on your store location offers, but BigCommerce has multiple currencies based on user choice allowing your customer to make the choice no where they are located.

POS Integrations

BigCommerce is an online e-com solution first, it does still integrate to services like Square, Clover and Vend to sell in physical stores. **Conditioned to the POS providers cost for integrating.


We use a lot of software, so we know the positives, negatives and things you should be aware of before using them.