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This information is provided by JBMD as suggestive and to take into consideration when signing up for the service

Squarespace is an online website platform with a user friendly design first. 100s of stock photos and very easy get up and running experience. Squarespace also offers higher plans to support online e-commerce solutions and tools for your business. However they don't have as many features for e-com as a dedicated e-com service like Shopify does. Squarespace supplies you with a free 2 weeks trial to test it all out.



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Nov. 26, 2021


User Friendly First, Code Second

Developing and deploying a website can not get any easier than how Squarespace has set it up. You are in good hands even if you don't know much about design or coding.

1,000 Pages

Squarespace is not like other Content Management Systems, they allow you to add up to 1,000 pages of content to your website, it's a lot!

Blogging Built in

Their services range from a basic website to a full e-com solution but between them they have a full integrated blogging system inside. No more redirecting users off your website.



Sadly Squarespace might be user friendly, but for page load times and speed, they come in dead last. If page load times aren't a worry for you then continue to consider it but it's one thing not in your control when using the service.

Lacking Navigation

With Squarespace you don't have very many levels of hierarchy for your site, only 2 to be exact: the main and, one level down. More complicated grouping and sections like newspaper websites are impossible.

Pricing for the Features

Based on the plan that you have it opens up opportunities, be aware that certain features may require you to increase your monthly plan significantly to access them.

Things To Be Aware Of

Stock Photo Options

Squarespace entry level plan and anything bigger all includes access to a huge collection of stock photo options for your new website without royalties, it is nested in your agreements of your plan.

Limited Payment Gateways

There are e-com based plans through Squarespace but be aware that the payment gateways are limited to a few so depending on where you are located and options you want to choose from there could be restricted.

Mobile App

With their Squarespace mobile app you are able to update your website, pages and write blog pieces on the go, allowing you to update content anywhere and everywhere.


We use a lot of software, so we know the positives, negatives and things you should be aware of before using them.