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This information is provided by JBMD as suggestive and to take into consideration when signing up for the service

Shopify is a great one stop shop with thousands of integrations sure to fit your small business or large corporation. Shopify originally was centred around the online space but in recent years have expanded hardware capabilities for in-store versions of software. Shopify headquarters are in Ottawa, Canada.

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Sept. 16, 2021

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Custom Website Included

Build your store in your site, create FAQ, Support or even fun a blog right from your store front.

Sales Channels

Integrate with Facebook, Google Catalogues, Instagram Shop now and even Amazon.

Synced Product Inventory

Set up inventory for online and in store plus Sales channels and have everything sync together.


Start Off Costs

Starting your store during the 14 day trial can be tough, $30/month can cost you upfront costs for the start, when you are just starting off.

Less Unique

With how Shopify is set up, there is a high number of stores that will look the same. Shopify makes money on integrations which there is a bunch of but likely an added cost to you.

Integration Pricing

Integrations might be a positive but the costs aren't. Integrations can ranging from anywhere from $5 to $300+ per month.

Things To Be Aware Of

Simplicity First

Shopify is an excellent platform for less tech-savvy people and has lots of documentation.

24/7 Support**

Support is present however depending on time of days, You will be redirected to forms and answers.

In Store Isn't Cheap

You have to set up with a subscription to Shopify POS Pro service and the cost of the subscription is per location.


We use a lot of software, so we know the positives, negatives and things you should be aware of before using them.