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Etsy is an online marketplace similar to Amazon however more targeted at the homemade, custom-crafted items that everyday people can sell to people. Post-pandemic has skyrocketed Etsy use both on building and selling on the platform. There are some great and not-so-great things about the Etsy marketplace, here are things to consider if you are considering Etsy.

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Mar. 1, 2023


Starting Off

Etsy is a great place to start a new business or venture for selling homemade goods, they have positioned themselves as the best place to sell your things. With a couple of steps, you can have an online place people can buy your things.

Big Market

With over +90 million buying users using Etsy per year the market exposure is there for you and your homemade items. In addition, worldwide access to even more customers especially if your products are small or digital offerings.

Lower Cost

Even with all the costs around Etsy they are far cheaper than other institutes, you can argue they offer more but when you are starting out to validate your ideas you shouldn’t be burning any money you make on the operating costs only.


Competing Placements

With being such a big marketplace there is a lot of competition you need to handle. Ensure your idea is not too saturated and overpriced to similar products or you may have issues selling things.

Lacking Support

There are some really bad reviews online about people's experience of getting locked out and/or having accounts hacked with very little support to reach out to. Some even have abandoned whole accounts due to painful processes to resolutions.

Recent Corporate Changes

Etsy is growing as a business and has continued to grow but with that, there are some cracks in the foundations that made Etsy, Etsy. They have increased prices a handful of times and limited features to paid-only accounts to compete with other online providers.

Things To Be Aware Of

App Marketplace

Similar to other competing online stores, Etsy has its own marketplace with applications you can plug into your store to increase conversion, and referrals, decode how customers buy and history of customer data. It can really help your store stand out, but most have a cost in some way associated with it.

Review Restrictions

You don’t own your reviews, as Etsy is the marketplace the reviews on your store have a shared review process. Even if you don’t like what a review says, there is a reporting process but it doesn’t guarantee it being removed.

Listing Fees

When listing a product on your store it will only be listed for 4 months and Etsy charges a $0.2 listing fee on each product. In addition, every time your product(s) sell to a user you will be charged $0.2 per product(per variant) before Etsy transaction fees get applied.


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