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Weebly is one of the most prominent online site builders that was bought back in 2018 by Block (formerly Square). However, since inquiring about the feature release list has slowed, teams splitting focus on the new Square Online platform built with Weebly technologies. Weebly has a catalogue of themes and abilities, however, is losing traction of being one of the big ones in the site-building environment as support times and bugs have increased. Even being slow to release new things, Weebly does have some appealing features to consider.

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Jan, 27, 2023


Easy to Use

Out of all the online site builders out there, Weebly is the most intuitive and user-friendly. While inside the editor your views are split up into bite-sized areas and do not overwhelm the user with features while in specific areas.

Cheapest Price

Another positive compared to other online site builders is Weebly’s price. Even on the basic plan that allows you to connect a custom domain for your business, it is US$7 per month, whereas the closest competitor with all-in-one is US$12 or more.

Code Access

Even if the editor inside Weebly is user-friendly if you know how to program code you also have access to the full theme which allows you to update the theme yourself or create new custom blocks. Some other online site builders restrict this or areas in their cookie-cutter system, but not Weebly.


Stagnant Product

Since being bought by Square, the focus has been on Square Online. Weebly has not released any new themes, or closed forms and stopped posting on social. The continuous updates did shift to supporting other products using the same technology.

Limited Responsive

Some themes have responsive in mind, but a number of them do not. And without constantly updating the theme list, there are no huge pre-boxed selections to choose from.

International Pains

One of the biggest ranges an online presence needs is localized SEO, however Weebly out of box software limits to only one language and there is not a clear app extension you can add to your store to expand your SEO offerings.

Things To Be Aware Of

Online Presence

If all you need for your small business is a presence or a small list of product offerings, no extreme fulfillment process and various tracking. Weekly is a great presence site building without overcomplicating the experience for everyday people who run their businesses.

Membership Logins

Interesting feature that Weebly has is a membership login ability that allows your customers/users to access restricted spaces on your website. Ideal for digital download locations or pay-to-view content.

Large App Catalogue

Even with slowed development of the Weekly product the app catalogue of functionality to be added to your store is a large list. Including connecting external product sources for e-com, several different payment options and more.


We use a lot of software, so we know the positives, negatives and things you should be aware of before using them.