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WordPress is one of the biggest and oldest open-sourced online publishing website applications. It appeals to many different industries due to its customizability and many functionalities that other services restrict. When hosting WordPress yourself, you ultimately have your own control over every piece of your website.



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April 1, 2023


Well Known

WordPress was first released in 2003, with 20 years of experience in this website hosting area, they most defiantly are doing something right. They offer services lower than most competitors and go as high as corporate licences called WordPress VIP for the service.


WordPress comes with highly customizable themes, customizations and plug-ins to control your customer experience that some other services don’t allow. You can even self-host the open-source copy of WordPress, which gives you and your business all the control of the system.

Online Help

Since WordPress has been around for so long, there is much information, tutorials, themes and content about it. If you are just starting off having an endless supply of knowledge about WordPress will help you greatly to succeed.


Complicated Manager

It will take some time to get used to, but the initial experience of the manager on WordPress can be very intimate with lots and lots of options, functionality and settings. They have made big strides in simplifying this, but with so much customization you have in WordPress it can still be overwhelming.

Security Plug-In Issue

The highest negative review towards WordPress online is about their plug-in market. Since WordPress is open-source, it is your responsibility to manage security for your customers. For plug-ins, anyone can post and sell so you have to investigate and vet them for security issues.

Cost for Help

Direct technical help from WordPress will cost you, not like other services that include customer service support. WordPress will charge you for any technical help you require (especially if you are self-hosting).

Things To Be Aware Of

Free Hosting** (with Ads)

WordPress may have a free plan to host your website, but there are restrictions with it, which includes ads by WordPress that don’t give you a cut. You can also not run any affiliate links on the free plan with WordPress.

Paid Themes

There is a number of free themes offered by WordPress however there is also a marketplace to buy a theme. Some themes can be as cheap as $5 but can quickly become costly depending on the components in the theme. Once you own the theme, you can edit the source code yourself.

Code Knowledge is a Plus

With the technical cost if you hit issues with your website, having code knowledge would be helpful to edit and debug issues you have. It will also allow you to change your themes to your liking without buying other themes for the same outcome. If you don’t know how to code, consider hiring us to help you.


We use a lot of software, so we know the positives, negatives and things you should be aware of before using them.